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A picture is worth a thousand Thai words

Hi everyone  I have been in Bangkok Thailand for over a week now and would have liked to have sent at least two video blogs by now however all my electronics have not been cooperating so I figured a picture blog is better than nothing for now.  Hopefully all the kinks will be worked out shortly so you can enjoy some fun video clips. Miss you all! — Allison

I arrived at JFK airport in NYC, gate #10 at 10pm 7:00pm January 1, 2012 ready to begin my new year in Thailand by flying Korean Air, who I highly reccommend (good food, good leg room).

JFK Gate 10



24 hours later I arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand only to have to throw away a bunch of my luggage because my suitcase was to heavy to lug around.

Thailand Airport 2012

My very first view of Thailand looked like this:

Thailand first view 2012



























I proceeded to get on the skytrain and made it halfway to Thammasat University no problem.  I got out to catch my bus only to realize no one spoke any English at all but people were still nice enough to give me directions albiet the wrong directions so after I had gotten off the wrong bus I quickly prayed the Lord would send me a tour guide and two minutes later he did!

I had quite the adventure that followed. An English speaking Christian missionary was on my next bus and proceeded to help me find everything and literally took me on a tour of the surrounding area so I would know where to go and what to eat and how to order and a safe place to stay until I had secured an apartment. Praise the Lord for quickly answered prayers!

I stayed in a hostel on Kao San Rd. my first two nights (It’s quite the tourist hotspot) luckily the hostel I stayed at didn’t allow any shady activity as you can see from the sign:



No Thai girls allowed

My room was small and hot and dark but for ten dollars it was a place to sleep, shower and leave my mammouth suitcase so I’m not complaining:


Kao San hostel

I had my school orientation coming up and I was required to wear the school uniform however the book store was currently out of them so I had to flag down a few Thai students who spoke some english. They taught me how to cross the river, and where to buy the uniform and took me shopping with them. Thank God because this whole not speaking Thai thing was almost a problem.




Thumbnail image for Thai Shopping Friends


I have a lot of beautiful pics of the surrounding area but I have to run to class now so they will have to wait till next time.  I DID get a picture of Thailands beloved Princess on my fourth day. I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time only a few feet away. Man her gown was gorgeous the pic really doesn’t do it justice as you can see:


Thailand Royal Princess 2

Thailand Royal Princess





















































Okay more to come!! =0)  Allison






Location: Thammasat University Prachan Rd. Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand- Spring 2011

Thailand.jpgI am so excited to study abroad next semester in Bangkok, Thailand at Thammasat University. 

I plan to blog about the city, the school and the students.  I would also like to travel out and identify some of the community service projects that are happening in the area.  I will be sharing my experience learning the Thai language and also making a point to make a lot of friends while I am out there.

You can look forward to some crazy videos of me and the other students sharing our Penn State/Thammasat pride!

I am also interested in the Thai government and how they interact with the citizens so that will be great to explore.

I will also be connecting with quite a few America’s who have made Thailand their home.

I would love to blog every day if possible but more realistically I will probably be posting once a week… after all I am there to study.  I look forward to hearing your comments and am so glad you are all sharing this amazing experience with me!

I have booked my plane ticket and am leaving Monday January 2, 2012.  What a great way to start the year, as a global citizen.

The plane ride will be about 23 hours but I sleep well on planes and will try to learn Thai on the way over– that should keep me busy.  Hopefully I will work out all the kinks for posting videos shortly so I can share with you right away!!


Love Always

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Location: Penn State University, Harrisburg