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Esztergom Basilica

Esztergom Basilica is the highest building and biggest church around the world in 18th centary. It is neo-classical style. What should be mentioned is that unlike other neo-classical churches, the inside of building is as bright as outside. Most of the churches and tanples are dark, and need candles even during day time. For this reason, it is quite difficult to take good pictures of the gorgeous decorations inside of dark rooms. So, only for this one, I have got chance to show you how beautiful inside of this monument.



Location: Hungary


DSC01248.JPGThe biggest lake in Hungary. There are a lot of goose, which are not scared of human beings. Those goose swim close to us and make goode pose for us to take pictures. So that we feed them with bread. I wish I could buy a house by the lake one day. Enjoy the sun shine, go swimming, or feed those gooses and ducks.



Location: Hungary

Pannonhalma Archabbey

DSC01172.JPGDSC01173.JPGDSC01178.JPGPannonhalma Archabbey is the oldest monument in Hungary, which founded in 996. It was used as school for more than one thousand years until the communist regime came into power. The most amazing part of this church is its library. All those books are pales up onto the ceiling. It keeps the oldest book in Latin, and the first writen Hungarian, and half of the books were written in Germany. Just look at it.


Location: Hungary

Dessert – Paul



Crisp out layer, soft custard and strawberry. This is the most common and popular cake in PAUL.


Anglaise Abricots

For those how do not like sweets too much, this one looks perfect because it is not a typical cake.



The inside part is tasty, lots os strawberry and not too sweet. But the top layer is realy scary. Maybe the design of this green super sweet thing is trying to fit British tast — making cakes super sweet.


Location: London

Dessert – Paul

b_large_HeVH_086c0013bc715c40.jpgPaul is a French patisserie shop in London for over hundres of years. They have many branches in Britan. The style of this shop is very interesting. Looking at it from outside, it is simple black and while, very British. However, if you look from inside, it is actually very rural style. The atmosphere is more homelike, rather than an expensive gorgeous restaurant. If changing all the tables and chairs into wooden furnitures, that would be better.


b_large_NyZB_0868000b2ee95c40.jpgPaul is a good choice for an afternoon tea. Not all its shops are big. Most of its branch shops are tiny and only serve for take aways.

Location: London

Balaton Lake

DSC01241.JPGCIEE has organized a trip to the western part of Hungary. Here, the Balaton lake is a sapphire inlied on wetsern Hungary.





The water is clean enough that there are lots of people swim here. But there is more than just people. Ducks and goose are also playing in the water. Instead of being afraid of humans, they stay very close to bank, make good pose, waite us to take picture and feed them.


Location: Budapest

The buildings are like instrument

Cool buildings.jpg

Budapest is a beautiful city. It is hard to imagine that the buildings on the side of streets have already been there for centries, and people are still living in it. It feels like living in the castal.

The people here speak very little English, or say, the majority do not speak any foreign language at all. It is pretty hard for me to buy things these days, because I do not know the way, do not how to say what I need in Hungarian. Surprisingly, there is almost no black people and Chinese walking in the streets. Only couple saying says that there is a lot of Chinese and Gypsies are hiding in the city, some where we won’t see.

market.jpgMarkets here are everywhere, maybe just downstairs of your house. We can find everything that is needed in a very fare price. Some kids even find a bottle of wine cost 240Ft., that is roughly $1.00. The living cost is really low. However, the markets and shops close early. In weekdays, all the shop close as soon as the dinner time comes. Only restaurants and bars will open till late. On saturday, shops only work half-day, and on Sunday, no shop will open at all.

The only thing should be kept in mind is, when the sun set falls, we should come back to the dorm. It is not smart to walking in the street at night, seriously. Last night I went out, and got my cell phone and cash stolen immidiately. So guys, keep your eyes open!

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Hello Everyone!

My name is Xibi Li and I will study abroad in Budapest, Hungary fall 2011 semester. Now there are less than two month before the trip. Different from most American students, I need to apply a visa prior to the trip since I am not an American citizen. Applying the visa is a little complex than I thought. The hungarian embassy is smaller than US embassy. They have less employer. So their process of issuing a visa cost much longer time, at least two weeks while an American visa only cost one week as a maximium. Here, I strongly encourage the international students (not US citizen) to schedule a plenty of time for visa application.


Location: In China currently