Jordan goes to Jordan

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                The universities decided to cut our trip a few days short due to the ongoing tensions in Israel and while many were sad to leave I'm sure we were already to go home.   So early yesterday morning we boarded a bus and were escorted to the border which was about two hours away. Once we crossed the border we spent a few hours getting through customs and border control then we met another escort who traveled with us to Amman where we are to catch our flights. Jordan has a much harsher desert climate than Israel does, as we traveled through the towns and small cities we were surrounded by mountains of sand and at times it would cover the roads for kilometers. It took several hours before we reached our airport hotel, which is easily one of the best hotels I've ever stayed in. Our rooms are great and for dinner we were treated with some of the best Middle Eastern foods and desserts we've had since our arrival. Sadly, after dinner some of us were scheduled on early flights some of which left around midnight. There were some emotional goodbyes but those who stayed hung out one last night before our trip finally comes to an end. 

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At least you made an adventure out of the unfortunate conditions. Which food was your favorite? I hope you all made it home safely! I look forward to reading your post-trip reflections, as well.

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